Friday, March 9, 2012

so far behind...working world!

Ok so I am one month behind on my blog posts...I have officially returned to work and my life is busy and crazy! I am home today with a little extra time to post while my sick little one is fast asleep. Yesterday I took him to the doctor and found out he has his little heart! It makes me so sad to see him struggle to cough and breath. I have covered him up with prayer and know that God will heal him and we will be blessed.  I already feel blessed that I am able to stay home with him today and hold him, rock him, and just give him extra love!  I am so grateful for Mrs. Terri (Grant's amazing babysitter) she took such good care of him yesterday when he felt bad and she suggested I take him to the doctor. I am blessed to have someone that loves my boy so much!!! today is Grant's seven month birthday...I can't believe it! I am loving every second of being Grant's mom and am so proud of him everyday! He has the sweetest little spirit ( I know I am bias)! He loves his dog Murray, loves to laugh at his daddy, loves to eat cereal and sweet potatoes, smiles with his eyes, has the cutest chubby cheeks, is nosey, is officially a wiggle worm and likes to roll all over the place, loves music, and loves to be read to. I will post some 7 month pics as soon as my sick baby is feeling better. 

Here are pictures of Grant on his 6 month birthday....

coming month pictures and Grant's first trip to the beach!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

five months old!

How is my sweet five pound newborn a chubby, sweet, giggling, rolling-over, five-month old? The time is flying by!
August 9, 2011 

January 9, 2012

In honor of Grant being five months old I am going to do a "Top 5 List"

Top 5 Things I love about Grant Holden
(This was hard because I could list a million)
1. God made him especially for Brad and I. Grant was made in His image and God knows every hair on his head.  The struggles we went through to get Grant were all part of God's  plan to place the perfect child with us. Through all things good and bad I will praise Him for this blessing!!! It changed my life and testimony and I owe Him all the Glory!
2. I love that he is a happy, healthy baby! Again, praise God!
3. I love the way he snuggles with me. He fits perfectly into my arms no matter how big he gets. I think I enjoy rocking him and cuddling with him just as much (if not more) than he does.
4. I love, love, love his sweet, innocent, precious smiles. Who can resist a gummy smile? And the dimple? It might just be to me, but I think Grant smiles with his eyes too...and I love that!
5. I love Grant's personality. I know he is only 5 months old but he is already full of a great personality ( I know all mothers think these things of their children, ha ha). He is a flirt, he has a funny, playful spirit, he is sweet like his daddy, and he is full of joy and love!
Here are some pictures of Grant at five months old:

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011...Grant's first Christmas

What an incredible Christmas my sweet family celebrated! Thank you Lord for sending us your son, a baby in a manger! Happy birthday baby Jesus! We were blessed to celebrate Jesus' birth surrounded by family and friends.  By far, this has been the best Christmas of my life. Thank you Lord for giving me my sweet baby boy! Here are some highlights from Christmas....

Buck's Annual Christmas party...Great friends!

Santa came on Brad and I's anniversary. December was a great way to celebrate the best year!

Grant must have been good!

He looks thrilled, ha!

Too cute! We had a blast at Fancy's over Christmas!

I love this little boy!

Grant's first tacky Christmas shirt

Family pic in our matching Tacky year Murray needs one

My heart may burst!

Grant loves his Fancy!

Merry Christmas!!

Granna I love you!

Granna opening her canvas pics of grandkids...We had such a blast at the "adult" Christmas when all the kids were fast asleep in bed

Enjoying adult christmas...minus Candace ;( She was putting sweet Ava to bed

All the!

Kids, toys, and more toys! Grant got a wagon

Grant with his loot

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jesus...born to give us life!

As  I prepare to celebrate Grant's first Christmas I am overwhelmed and flooded with emotions! Each day that passes I swear it feels like my heart may explode; it is filled with so much love for my sweet family! I was snuggling with Grant on the couch last night by the Christmas tree with Brad sitting in the "comfy" chair and Murray sprawled out on his bed and as I looked around my house decorated for the season my eyes filled with tears of joy and I thanked God to myself for blessing me with more than I can ever deserve and everything my heart has desired! I think back to this time last year...Brad and I were patiently awaiting to see if our work with the fertility specialist had worked, praying that it had. And now this year....holding God's sweet son! How awesome is that!!!! There are no words (which doesn't happen a lot for me..ha) that can describe how incredibly blessed and thankful I feel this Christmas. Last year I listened to "A baby changes everything" by Faith Hill and cried from a broken and anxious heart and now I listen with a humble and joyous heart. Lastly, this season I often think about Mary, the mother of our Savior! What an incredible honor and journey she went through to give us our King. I think about how much I love Grant and then think she loved her sweet baby in a manger that much too!

God's greatest gift to us is his son, Jesus! Jesus was born in a manger to give each of us life! This Christmas season I am so thankful for the sweet baby Jesus that died on a cross so that I may live and give life to my sweet son!

Here are a few pics of Grant getting ready for his first Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 4 month birthday!

My sweet boy turns four months this week...I can't believe it! Thank you Grant for the best four months of my life. You have been such a blessing to your dad and me and I can't imagine my life without you. I promise to love you everyday of my life!
Day 1

month 4

Here are a few more recent pics:

I love his uggs! Thanks Aunt Bre!

"Man time"

Lol! Bundled up for a walk

My boys!

This is one of my favorites! Rocking my sweet baby! Melts my heart!

Grant's first Thanksgiving!

Thank you God for the last four months! Thank you for letting me feel such an amazing, heavenly love!

Monday, November 21, 2011

24 days of Thanksgiving Cont...

11. I am thankful that I am able to stay home with my sweet boy until February.  I love spending my days with him and there is no where else I would rather be and nothing I would rather be doing! Thank you Brad for working so hard so I am able to be with our son! I love playing with him, seeing him grow and change everyday, rocking him, going on morning walks with him, etc...

12. I am thankful that my wonderful husband understands my need to workout! He loves the nights that I go to the gym and he gets "man time" with his son and I love the time trying to get back into shape...ha!
13. I am thankful for the holiday season! I love the time with family, holiday crafts, Christmas music in November and December, baking sweet goodies, Christmas shopping, holiday parties with friends, musicals at church, holiday flavor coffee at Starbucks, wearing ugg boots and fleeces, and decorating my house with Christmas decor!

14. I am especially thankful for this Christmas this year! As I was decorating my tree, getting the stockings out, and listening to Christmas music I looked at Grant's new stocking and it reminded me of how different this Christmas would be for me without him. I can imagine how I would be feeling if we were still struggling to have a sweet baby this season. I remember how hard the holidays were when my heart desired the gift of a baby and I know I would be heart broken without that blessing. I truly pray for all the families this holiday season that are still awaiting the arrival of their little blessing from heaven (through birth or adoption). I pray for a renewed hope in their hearts, an understanding of God's perfect timing and plan for them, a reassurance that God answers prayers, and that they feel God's love this season as we celebrate the greatest baby and gift we will ever Jesus!!!
15. I am thankful for Thanksgiving feasts! Yummy!
16. I am thankful for my freedom. Thank you to all the men and women that serve our country past and present! Thank you to their families! I am grateful that I live in a country that I am free to worship and serve my God!
Thank you Tera for serving our country! (love the sweatshirt and can't wait to see you wearing it again this year!)
17. I am thankful that I live in Tennessee! Go Vols! I love the mountains, southern accents, four seasons, football season, bluegrass music, southern hospitality, etc...

18. I am thankful for my neighborhood! I love my neighbors and will be sad when we all start moving to other areas in k-town, but for now I am thankful for our walks, long talks, great parenting advice, and sweet friendships!

19. I am thankful for! Grant's naps allow me to still be productive...kind of!
20. I am thankful for my weekends with my husband and baby! I love spending time together as a family!

21. I am thankful for Christmas decorations and Christmas music! It is my favorite time of the year and it warms my heart to see Christmas trees, lights, wreaths, tacky blow-up snow globes, manger scenes and to hear "o holy night"!

22. Is thankful for all the traveling Brad and I have gotten to do over the past seven years! These are some of my fondest memories and I will always love "getting away" with my best friend and love of my life!

23. I am thankful for the Bible! It is the truth and God's word!
24. I am finally thankful for all the other things in my life that I am sure I am forgetting to be thankful for...the small things that I take for granted each and every day! We are all blessed far past what we deserve and for that I am thankful!!!