Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Four Weeks old today!

To celebrate Grant's one month birthday, I thought I would write down some (of course, I could never write all of the reasons) of the things I love about Grant, being a mom, and my family....

1. I love to snuggle with Grant. He puts his sweet head on my chest where my heart is and just melts in my arms.  I hope to never forget what this feels like!

2. I love praying over my sweet child each night before bed. God you are so good!
3. I love the way he smells...there is a sweet baby smell.
4. I love getting Grant up out of bed every morning. He is so adorable in his sleep sack and mittens. I prayed for so long to have a baby in that room...it feels so complete!

5. I love rocking Grant.
6. I love watching my amazing husband with his son! They look just alike...I love that too! I love when Brad talks about all the father/son things Grant and him will do together...except motorcycle ride...ha ha!

7. I love when Brad plays music and sings to Grant. I hope that our house is filled with music and joy through the years and that Grant is as talented as his daddy.

8. I love all the sounds, funny faces, and grunts Grant makes.

9. I love spending my days with my little man...even if we can't really go anywhere!
10. I love seeing Grant with my two favorite women...I am sure they will be his first loves!

11. I love that Grant is healthy and happy!
12. I love that God has given me the job of raising Grant and helping me mold him into a man of God!
13. I love laying in bed in the evening before Grant's bedtime with my family...Brad, Grant, and Murray!

14. I love how absolutely perfect he is (I know I might be a little bias)!

15. O.K. I could go on forever! I love my sweet family and precious gift from God! I feel so blessed and grateful. I am trying to cherish every moment and forever lock them into my heart and memory! Here are a few more pics of little G!