Thursday, March 24, 2011

We are proud to announce our first addition to our family!!! After a long year of struggles and with the help of a super smart specialist, we will be welcoming our new baby around September 3rd, 2011.  We feel so blessed and over-joyed by God's grace and gifts!

We are starting this blog to keep our parents updated with the pregnancy and baby.  Also, I am hoping this motivates me to start chronicling the upcoming months...I have not been keeping up with belly pictures or any of my experiences over the past 17 weeks.  I am excited for the next five months and then the arrival of our sweet baby!

The picture above is how we told my mom and Bill we were expecting.  We had the ornament made and gave it to them on Christmas morning; my mom and Bill were so shocked and both cried with joy.  We had found out on December 23rd that the pregnancy test was positive, but had lied to them so we could surprise them on Christmas morning. It was the best Christmas gift!

 This is Nancy opening her Baby Spears' Christmas ornament on Christmas Eve.  She was so excited!!! This will be her first Grandchild.

Brent and Tera after opening their Aunt and Uncle ornament; Needless to say, they were shocked!

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