Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A True Thanksgiving

As I am watching my sweet boy rocking in his swing, making Christmas crafts, and listening to Christmas music about our Baby Jesus (I know...a bit early, but I am a sap for Christmas music), I am overwhelmed with emotions and brought to tears of joy.  I am thinking back to this time last year....Brad and I had been battling infertility and going through treaments for about a year.  At Thanksgiving we finally told our families about our struggles. We had been very private about the process prior to that weekend.  I can so clearly remember and feel the saddness and pain I felt, worried that I would never be blessed with a baby.  I can close my eyes and relive telling my mom and Bill in our den floor that we needed their prayers and support.  I remember how strong Brad was as he explained all that we had gone through and how much I loved him in those seconds.  I remember the love I felt from our families as they began to support us and pray for us to be blessed with a child.  After prayers were lifted up for a month from a huge support system, Brad and I found out we were expecting on December 23rd. So this year, Thanksgiving is taking on a new meaning for me.  I am so thankful this year for answered prayers, God's perfect timing, the miracle of childbirth, my husband (who is a wonderful man of integrity and an incredible father and leader in our home), God's love for his children, and I am most thankful that God has honored his promises to me and allowed me to parent His son, Grant!

I will finish my 24 days of Thanksgiving another day...Thank you Lord for Thanksgiving!

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