Sunday, June 5, 2011

Early Summer Fun

Can't believe I am 27 weeks this more week and I will be 7 months! The past month has flown by and I am sure my summer will go even faster! I am so blessed to have the summer months off of work so I can finish preparing for our sweet boy's arrival. I am already feeling the need to "nest" by cleaning out all closets, drawers, etc. The preparations will have to wait a little bit longer because I have one more week of work (extended contract) and then my mom's "Sixty in the City" birthday weekend! The past weeks have been filled with family fun and a wonderful trip to New York City. 

Memorial weekend I went home to spend time with my family. It was so much fun to get all the kids together. Grant is going to have so much fun with his cousins! Here are some pics of the weekend...somehow, I never got a picture of sweet baby Ava (sorry Wes and Candace). I think I had my camera out prior to their arrival.

Nora and SK watching cartoons after playing outside all afternoon.
My baby Murray!
Granna with SK and Nora
The twins wrestling over a cup! This was so funny to watch!

So, I am so sad that I won't be making a beach trip this summer; however, I did get to go on a mini-vacation with some friends to New York City.  I loved the city and can't wait to go back again! You can see my baby bump in several of these pictures (27 weeks).  Grant loved the city too! He especially loved the plane rides, he kicked the entire time!


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