Wednesday, June 22, 2011

29 1/2 weeks

Where is the time going? You would think that I would be able to keep up with this blog now that I am off of work for a few months, but I seem to be feeling busier than ever! I am hoping to slow down a bit in the next few weeks, so I can really buckle down and prepare for Baby Grant Holden's arrival! I am feeling the need to "nest"; in other words, I need to clean everything out and up, organize my entire house, and complete (or begin) a few sentimental projects I want to do for him before he arrives! The last few weeks have been super exciting though because we have begun having baby showers.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends that are excited for Brad and I and can't wait to help us welcome our sweet baby into our lives.  He is going to be so loved and blessed to have such amazing people in his life!  Here are a few pictures from the showers...there were so many wonderful ones of all our great friends...I just picked a few.

As the date grows closer of actually getting to meet him for the first time, I am overwhelmed with emotions! I am so excited and feel so lucky and blessed to be his mom! I cry a lot thinking about him and how much I already love is really amazing! I can't wait to see Brad hold him for the first time; what an awesome relationship they will have! God has blessed me beyond my imagination and I am truly grateful and humbled by the pregnancy and the thought of meeting Grant! My God is a great God! I know my future as a mom will be hard, but I know the blessings God has in store for me will always out weigh the hard times! I will praise Him all the days (even days when I need a little reminding)! Thank you Lord for baby Grant and all my wonderful friends and family...the love I feel is amazing!

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