Friday, July 8, 2011

32 weeks...8 months

I can't believe I am 32 weeks now! In so many ways I feel like I have been pregnant for a lifetime. I can't remember what it feels like not to have a belly, what it feels like not to have him doing flips, jumps, and somersaults in my belly, how to go out for a long jog, what my ankles look like (lol) etc.  On the other hand, this precious time in my life is going way to quickly!!! I will miss my belly (a little), but most of all I will miss feeling him inside me. What a special gift from God! Everyday, the roller coasters in my belly make me laugh out loud, tear up with joy, and fill my soul with excitement and anticipation! I am so in love already and proud to be his mom! It will be such an amazing day when I finally get to meet Grant face to face, see who he looks like (I hope his dad), and introduce him to Brad.  Here are a few pics from 32 weeks....

Since I have been out of school for the summer and the baby's due date is quickly approaching, my nesting has kicked into full gear!!! I can't clean enough, organize enough, or seem to 100% complete anything! The nursery is coming along; however, we are still waiting on the crib and bedding. I have the dresser and hutch in the room and have began organizing the closet.  The clothes are getting washed and against Brad's better judgement, the pack n' play is up in our room.  (Brad did not understand why the pack n' play, that takes 2 minutes to assemble, had to be up 2 months early, and placed in front of his dresser...ha ha!)

I am going to try and post weekly until little Grant Holden's birthday; hopefully I can stay on top of this.  I am feeling so blessed and want to document the exciting next couple of weeks. God is great and has blessed me beyond what I deserve!

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