Monday, April 25, 2011

It's a Boy!!!!!!

Brad and I are beyond thrilled to announce that we are expecting a sweet baby boy!!!! On Friday, we went to the doctor's office to have our second ultrasound (the first one was when we first found out we were pregnant), I was so excited to make sure our baby was healthy and developing and to find out the sex of the baby.  The second I saw his sweet little face I fell madly in love...and then the doctor said "Congratulations, you are going to have a son"! The joy, excitement, and love was overwhelming! After Brad and I found out, he went and got our moms to find out (they went to the doctor with us to share in our special day).  I was like a proud mom! I was so excited to share our wonderful news with our moms! What a special experience for us to be able to introduce them to their new grandson.  We feel so blessed to have such an amazing family to be able to share our blessing with...thanks Granna and Fancy for sharing one of the most special days with us!!! After we got to see all his little parts and his long legs kicking like crazy, we all went to lunch to celebrate the great news and then off to a day of shopping!!! Yay! I loved looking at nursery furniture with my family and picking out some cute little boy clothes! Now the real decision time.....naming this sweet, new addition to our family!
The pictures from our ultrasound...a healthy boy!

You can see his cute face in this one!

Granna bought him his first toy...Sophie and Fancy bought him a cute Ralph Lauren outfit...I couldn't resist the frog hat!

This was Brad's outfit from when he was born. Nancy gave it to us as a gift after we found out it was a boy...Can't wait to see him in it!

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