Tuesday, August 2, 2011

excitement building and countdown on!

Ok...one more quick post and update! Exactly one month from today (August 2nd)  is Grant Holden's expected due date (September 2nd)! Wow! Where has the time gone? I really can't believe it is almost time for Brad and I to meet our sweet baby boy! We are truly getting so excited and overjoyed by our expanding family.  Here are a few things that have warmed my heart lately about our family and how overwhelmed I am with love and gratitude:
*Brad talking to Grant, whistling songs to him, and tapping on my stomach....Grant kicking in response to his daddy.  This makes me feel so proud and blessed!
*Finding sweet Murray in Grant's room sleeping by his crib!
*Fancy buying a crib for Grant for his weekend visits...he is a lucky boy!
*Granna sending me sweet texts and encouragement and truly being so excited about meeting her 6th grandchild! He will love her so much.
*PB getting excited about taking Grant hunting when he is bigger!
*All his cousins that already love him...even though he is "stealing" a pacifier from Nora and is not another girl for Sammye Kate to play with...ha ha!
*My constant and overwhelming love for Grant!
Thank you Lord for an amazing family! I feel so blessed!

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