Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sweetest surprise!

I thought I would quickly update the blog...time is becoming more precious now that it is officially back to work...ugh! My first day back to work was filled with anxiety about all I needed to accomplish in my classroom before Grant's arrival, the worrying about leaving my "Bestie" Maryann (oh how I will miss seeing her daily!), and the typical nerves and stresses that go along with the beginning of each school year; however, my day was quickly turned upside down when I got the sweetest surprise from one of my favorite co-workers (don't tell him that...I like to pick on him and give him a hard time)!

My good friend John Daugherty carried in the most beautiful rocking horse I have ever seen for baby Grant. He had been working on it all summer and made it from scratch.  The horse is flawless and gorgeous; everything is so perfect on it and every detail is thought out with such care and concern.  I almost cried when he brought it into my classroom and was so surprised! It is truly one of the most unexpected, sweetest gestures anyone has done and it made me feel so special! I have no idea how I will ever thank him enough or show him how much I truly appreciate it!  Here are some pictures of the horse in Grant's nursery...it matches perfectly!

Thank you Mr. Daughtery for the sweet gift! I will cherish it always and can't wait for Grant to ride it; I am sure he will enjoy countless hours of fun on it!  I just want you to know over the past few years that I have gotten the privilege to know you how much I admire you as a teacher and a father. I know our students look up to you and our school is lucky to have you as a role model. Thank you for being a friend....and letting our pre-k class play practical jokes on you!

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