Friday, August 26, 2011

Where to begin...the biggest blessing

OK....I am super behind on blogging and really don't even know where to begin. As many of you know Brad and I unexpectedly welcomed our miracle baby into this world on August 9th at 1:11.  What an incredible gift from God! I am overwhelmed with gratefulness, joy, and pure love every time I look at sweet Grant and think back about the journey we went through to get him here.  I am completely sure God had his hand protecting Grant and molding him....I am excited about the great things in store for Grant and his walk with his Father!

Let the story begin....
During a regular doctors appointment on a Friday afternoon, Grant measured small.  My doctor was a bit concerned about this because he had been measuring normal until this visit.  We decided that an ultrasound would be a good idea just to make sure everything was still healthy and Grant looked good.  We scheduled the doctor's appointment for the 9th.  I later found out that Brad couldn't go to the doctor visit with me on the 9th due to work conflicts; therefore, I called the doctor on Monday the 8th and begged them to try and squeeze us in that afternoon so Brad could see our ultrasound. Luckily the doctor could see us that afternoon; Brad and I were so excited to see little Grant on the ultrasound because we hadn't had an ultrasound since 21 weeks.  Happy birthday Brad (the 8th was Brad's 33 birthday)! After we had the ultrasound, we met with the doctor.  He was very concerned about Grant's size and my urine sample had come back positive for protein.  Both of these factors made the doctor concerned that I was developing Preeclampsia; therefore, he admitted us into the hospital for 24 hour monitoring.  They were going to take blood, get more urine samples, etc.  At this time we were nervous, but thought we would go home the next day and maybe have Grant early the next week. Boy were we wrong!

To make a long story a bit shorter, the doctors decided the next morning that is was in the best interest for Grant and myself to deliver Grant that afternoon via c-section.  Here is a picture of Brad and I pre c-section:
I was very nervous about having Grant early. I prayed that he was healthy and his little lungs were ready for the world.  I prayed that God would protect him during the c-section and that he wouldn't have to go to the NICU.  God answered my prayers yet again! He has shown me time and time again that he is faithful and that Grant is His son.  Grant Holden was born on August 9th happy and healthy! He weighed 5.6 and was 18 inches long.  He is perfect!

1 Samuel 1:27-28
"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.  So now I give him to the Lord."
Thank you God for Baby Grant! He is such a blessing to Brad and I and a testimony of your great love for us. Please guide us and help us be great examples to him through our walk with you.  Lay your hands on Grant and mold him into a great warrior for you.  Please use our family to glorify your name! Amen.

Ok...back to the story....During the C-section, the doctors realized I had a severe case of preeclampsia.  The fluids had built up around my organs.  We were so thankful that Grant was healthy and unaffected by all that was going on in my body.  After the c-section, we spent time with little Grant and introduced him to our families.  I don't remember a lot from this day because during the c-section they had to give me more medicine which made me "loopy".  The next morning is when everything started going downhill for me.  We awoke the next day with the doctor very concerned for my health.  I had developed HELLP syndrome; which is a condition that can occur to patients that had preeclampsia.  Basically, I was really sick and was not allowed to get out of bed, eat, drink (the nurses gave me small sips and ice) and was only allowed to sit up in bed while I was nursing Grant.   We spent the rest of the week in the hospital.

Finally, after a long week of recovery and being blessed with a healthy baby boy, we were released on Sunday to go home! I am 100% sure that the power of prayer helped me recover and kept Grant healthy.  God showed me time after time that He would protect the thing nearest to my heart even in the midst of everything going on around Grant.  I just had to trust Him and be faithful even during the hard times.We all go through trial and tribulations throughout life, but me must keep our eyes on the Lord, stay faithful through prayer, and praise His name through all things good and bad!

Going Home....praise the Lord....
I am finally home with my boys and feeling so blessed each day. I have so many more stories and pictures to update the blog with; I will try to add another entry in the upcoming days!

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  1. I am so happy for you! I can't wait to see Grant.